Google Chrome now has Conversational Voice Search

The latest version of Google Chrome (27) now features an impressive voice activated search function called Voice Search. Voice Search isn’t just voice activated, it’s conversational. Say, for example, you were to search “Matt Cutts,” the head of Google’s Search Quality team. The results would be familiar. But then ask “where does he work?” and, voila!, your search will know what you mean and answer your question.

Voice Search is also integrated with any Google products that you use, so it can access information from your stored documents, calendars and more. The whole experience works a lot like Apple’s Siri, but seems significantly more “intelligent.” It’s also available to anyone in a free web browser, instead of being part of an operating system.

The technology is part of a growing trend that separates information and computers from interfaces. More and more products are looking for ways to let users interact without a mouse or even a touchscreen.

That being said, the technology is definitely in its fledgling stage. It’s not exactly familiar with a British accent (speaking from personal experience) and tends to have trouble with more complex words. Try it out for yourself and let us know what else leaves Voice Search tongue tied.