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Putting a bow — and a card — on 2017

| By Sarah Lazarovic

Every year, we exhaust a considerable bit of energy putting together our holiday card. The logic is simple — getting to make an actual physical thing to send to friends, clients, and colleagues is a …


The Canada Anti Spam Law: What you need to know

| By Leah Fraser

On July 1, 147 years after Confederation, our country will usher in Canada Day with a new piece of legislation: the Canada Anti-Spam Law, or CASL. International observers say it’s among the strictest pieces of …


LGBT Rights and Marketing Toronto to the World

| By Robert Furtado

When asked to summarize Mayor Rob Ford’s impact on our city’s global reputation, Andrew Weir, VP of Communications at Tourism Toronto, pretends to nervously check his watch. He’s being polite — which is another word …

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