Is Your Content Going Places?

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My mom still mails me personal letters even though she has access to, and regularly uses, email. Almost once a month I receive a family update in a sticker-laden envelope, which you can bet I tear open before looking at any of the emails piling up in my inbox.

Her snail mail always strikes a chord with me and reminds of a simple but powerful idea: people need to feel something in order to change the way they do things. And how do you get people to feel something? One wCommunications Communications ay is to personalize your approach. Simple, right? In theory. In reality, digital and social media continue to drive the conversation into the “public” realm, where we spend less time communicating one-to-one and more time communicating one-to-many. Making a human connection amid the chatter can be more difficult than ever.

Below are principles our agency uses to break through the noise and help our clients make a human connection with the audiences that matter most.

  1. Give me something of value and I will repay you with my attention.
  1. Is this worth sharing? If so, what does it say about me?
  1. I am free to take what you give me and make it my own.

I’m willing to bet this agency, which used LinkedIn to win over a new client, has guiding communications principles similar to Pilot PMR’s. Shoppers Drug Mart’s recent customer service response is another reminder of what can happen when you take the time to “make it personal.” In response to a customer who wanted off the company’s mailing list, one employee took the time to come up with a direct and witty response from the future. No wonder it went viral – it made the customer feel something positive about the company. It had meaning. And now everyone knows about it. Including you.






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