Truly Financial

Designing a brand that recognizes the immense value of small business

Remitr, an international payments provider, was embarking on a new fintech venture targeting small business. Truly Financial would be a tailor-made solution designed for small businesses looking to scale globally. They turned to Pilot to design a compelling brand narrative and identity that would authentically speak to the hearts and wallets of small business owners.

Truly Financial was built from the ground up for entrepreneurs and their teams to get what they need, when they need it. Their goal is to take fat-cat banking out of small business finances, leaving only the good stuff: lower fees, more perks; faster payments, better connections; and greater respect, global reach. 

The Truly Financial brand is built around the fundamental positioning that “the world needs small business” — a truth that has never been more relevant. 

We developed a brand framework, visual identity, and core messaging that speaks directly to the often neglected independent business owner. We chose a pastel colour palette, inspired by traditional cheques, that moved the brand away from the bright, high contrast colour schemes often associated with today’s fintech startups. We ensured imagery reflected the diversity and personality of small businesses across the world. We kept the logo simple and unfussy, yet distinctive enough to stand its ground. 

Truly Financial is launching their offer in the coming months, starting in the United States and expanding to Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Vietnam and Europe. 

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