Creating an authoritative brand for Canada’s largest health procurement agency

In 2010, HealthPRO engaged Pilot PMR to support its long-term B2B brand strategy. This initial engagement led to a ten-year strategic collaboration between agency and client — one that saw HealthPRO become number one in their category, assembling unprecedented buying power, membership, and market influence among Canadian healthcare organizations. 

Over these ten years, we worked closely together to grow membership, improve market presence, and effectively communicate the value of cooperative purchasing within healthcare. 

By 2018, HealthPRO had achieved significant growth, but there was more to do. We were tasked with developing a new five-year brand strategy. As part of the effort, we went to the market to measure member sentiment. 

What we found was powerful: trust in the HealthPRO brand was strong. However, the financial demands on members were becoming even more severe. Public funds were not keeping up with the needs of the healthcare system. The desire to achieve full value from any and all available resources was paramount. It was clear the market was looking to work with “best-in-class” solutions.

HealthPRO logo on paper

In response to our research, we set out to emphasize HealthPRO’s tier one position in the market. We redesigned the brand to better reflect the sophisticated organization HealthPRO had become. We introduced a new brand message that spoke to quality and savings in one simple statement: “Putting knowledge and buying power to work.” We crafted an active, no-nonsense brand voice tightly focused on addressing the everyday needs of members.

health pro collateral mockup

We applied the new look and feel across the entire organization’s assets, ranging from sales sheets and presentations to office art and member communications. We also brought the new brand to life through digital marketing campaigns targeting senior executives and stakeholders in Canada’s healthcare system. The launch was a tremendous success, as evidenced by glowing member feedback. 

Today, HealthPRO manages billions of dollars in joint procurement contracts across an unprecedented range of healthcare categories—from innovative medicines and clinical supplies to capital equipment, energy management and more. 

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