Canadian Association of Gift Planners

Designing a national campaign brand for greater giving

The CAGP Foundation is working to expand charitable giving in Canada through education, knowledge sharing, and awareness campaigns aimed at sparking national conversations.

In 2020, the Foundation embarked on a behaviour change initiative designed to increase the number and size of charitable gifts left through wills. Currently 5 per cent of Canadians leave a gift in their will and CAGP’s goal is to increase this by 3.5 per cent over the next 10 years, opening up an additional $40 billion for charities across Canada.

Pilot was tasked with creating the brand for this new, decade-long national initiative, including the name, positioning, core messaging and visual identity. The new Will Power brand was conceived and developed by the agency based on a fundamental positioning: “Your will can do more.”

At its core, Will Power is about getting Canadians, specifically boomers, to recognize the power they have to not only support those they love, but to impact social, environmental, and economic change through their wills.

Pilot developed a visual identity rich in energy, supporting the central themes of “impact” and “change.” The colour palette is bold and colourful, bringing positivity to an often uncomfortable subject. The typeface was chosen because of its warmth, yet contemporary feel. Central to the identity is the frame – four corners that bring focus to the individual and their actions. These frames are modular and flexible in their application and will serve the campaign well over time.

We applied the brand to the design and development of a content-rich website that features planning resources, charity profiles, and access to lawyers and advisors to help with the process.

In late 2020, we designed and executed a regional pilot campaign for Will Power. Based on its success, we are now in planning stages for a national Will Power campaign launch in September of 2021.

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