A new brand and digital presence for Canada's leading assistive vision tech company

eSight makes the most advanced assistive device for low vision people available today. We worked with them to reposition their brand and apply it to a completely reimagined digital presence.

Despite having an advanced product compared to their competition, eSight struggled to differentiate itself from cheaper, less powerful solutions. They recognized the need to gain greater trust when reaching out to blind and low vision communities that can be wary of companies making bold claims.

Through listening to customers and prospects, we came to a profound understanding. While the assistive vision tech industry focuses its message on helping people to see, individuals with vision loss are fundamentally motivated by the idea of regaining their ability to do things – to pursue their passions and independence.

With this insight, we repositioned eSight’s offer within a new brand narrative that speaks to “the vision to do more.” This reframing of the problem formed the foundation of an entirely new design language.

Building on the tenets of agency and independence, we conceived a bold and optimistic aesthetic rooted in accessibility.

UX Strategy

Our research for both the brand and UX strategy included interviews with customers and stakeholders, user journey analysis, personas, and analytics. 

We were able to to collaborate directly with the eSight team in design workshops. This enabled us to learn quickly together and establish UX strategies everyone was invested in. 

We delivered a detailed set of mockup prototypes, as well as comprehensive UI style guides to help with hand off to eSight developers.

Our Work

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