The 519

A rebrand that stands for inclusion in Toronto and around the world

As a community centre that has served Toronto’s LGBTQ community since 1975, The 519 has a broad mandate and passionate membership. But as the LGBTQ experience has moved well beyond The Village where The 519’s flagship facility is located, the organization began to broaden its footprint, offering new workplace training and consulting services, newcomer settlement, and planning the development of a new facility dedicated to inclusion in sport.

With this exciting evolution in mind, the organization knew it was time to mindfully examine and redefine its mandate, ensuring that its core services and unique model of community building were clearly communicated in relation to these new initiatives.

Pilot worked with The 519 to understand its own story, what makes it special and how to communicate its purpose to a broad audience in Toronto and beyond. We wanted The 519 to be as valued and respected by those who never use its services as those who do – and so we positioned it as an organization that creates opportunities for social progress.








With a new visual identity, tagline and organizational framework, we helped them develop a brand and communications strategy that will support the organization as they continue their vital public service and embark on a $100-million capital campaign for The 519 Recreation Centre.

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