Traffix is a leading provider of transportation logistics, but when they approached Pilot to refresh their brand and online presence in 2014, they were more concerned with drawing people in than shipping goods out. After four decades at the top of their field, Traffix leadership hoped to better position the company as an attractive employer to top young talent. They asked us to help showcase logistics as a desirable career path for individuals who could help drive the company’s future success.

Pilot worked to develop a brand that communicates passion, ambition and technical strength – and highlights the individual employee abilities that have helped ensure the company’s remarkable accomplishments. We developed a “high performance” brand story that placed transportation logistics within the knowledge sector, while effectively satisfying the needs of its large and growing client base. 


Our work included the creation of a new visual identity, tagline and messaging platform, all of which were executed through the launch of a new online presence, built by our team.

Pilot built a responsive, mobile first website, which was designed primarily as a recruitment tool. The user experience is tailored to jobseekers, and used engaging visual content to present the professional opportunities of a career in logistics.


Traffix had specific needs for the maintenance of their site, so we designed and built a custom content management system using a lightweight open-source framework. In keeping with Traffic’s “high performance” brand values, the website was benchmarked and optimized to load in a matter of milliseconds, which also has a significant impact on search rankings. Within two weeks of launching, analytics data showed visitors staying twice as long, viewing more screens, and leaving the site less often.

Traffix is more than just great transportation logistics – it’s a company that’s driven to hire the best.

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