Clover Leaf Seafoods engaged us to get consumers to think differently about tuna. We took canned tuna beyond the sandwich and onto the centre of the plate, highlighting versatility, nutrition, convenience and taste.

The story we designed was called ‘Take 5’ and it has become one of Clover Leaf’s most successful brand marketing platforms, informing PR, advertising, direct mail, online and in-store initiatives.

With Canadians’ increasingly international palettes, ‘Take 5’ leveraged Clover Leaf’s flavoured tuna products to develop globally-inspired recipes that delivered meal solutions to the table in 5 minutes using only 5 ingredients. Working closely with a professional chef, we oversaw the development of dozens of original and inspiring recipes such as Tuna Tostados, Tuna Curry in a Hurry, Tuna Pad Thai and Moroccan Tangiers Tuna.

Pilot PMR generated more than 230 news stories in support of the ‘Take 5’ initiative, asking Canadians to rethink their relationship with the humble can of tuna. Our media relations efforts generated more than 90 million audience impressions in mainstream print, broadcast, and online media.

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