What do you hang onto when the floor drops out?

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The uncertainty we are living through takes a toll. The anxiety is real for all of us. So, when the floor drops out, what do you hang onto? For most of us, the answer is stories. Science rushes to design vaccines in less than a year. Voices are raised in unison in support of Black Lives Matter. Anti-maskers trumpet their anger. 

When all is said and done, the details fade, but the stories stick. 

As Designers, we are used to a level of uncertainty, peering into the uncharted. We navigate through, appreciating the power and influence stories have in our lives, even in a time of crisis. There are always things to learn. 

The best performing organizations understand the power of story, how effective narratives nurture relationships, fuel positive perceptions, and create memorable experiences. This ability to be relatable is rooted in storytelling, and brand elements like websites, apps, and logos are supporting actors – the delivery systems – to the story.

We continue to see the power story has in the lives of our clients. 

Dialogue is a Canadian telemedicine company that is doing everything they can to deliver meaningful patient care in a newly emerging, yet highly competitive environment. We helped them develop and tell their unique story, articulating a clear brand purpose and a unifying set of values. They have not only become number one in their category, two weeks ago they went public on the TSX. 

BERA is a brand intelligence platform that we worked with to establish a differentiated narrative in a crowded marketplace. BERA measures the direct impact brand purpose has on brand success. Yes, the return on brand purpose (read: brand story) can be measured. I encourage you to explore what they are doing. Omnicom Media Group recently integrated BERA’s measurement tools into their Omni Data Platform globally.

Oceana Canada is an independent charity established to restore Canadian oceans to be as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were. We have been collaborating with them on building a powerful brand capable of influencing government policy and stirring Canadians into action. Their success has been built on communicating a clear purpose, promoting consistent values, and demonstrating a deep appreciation of relationship, connection, and story.

For those seeking to tell powerful stories, a word of advice: step back and reflect deeply on who you are, the value you bring to our messy, mixed-up public life, and answer the most important question of all – and then what happened

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