Artisanal fishing
Artisanal fishing in the Philippines | Photo credit: Oceana/Jenn Hueting

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Returning our oceans to health and abundance

Oceana Canada is an independent charity dedicated to restoring Canadian oceans to be as rich and healthy as they once were. As part of the largest global organization focused solely on ocean conservation, Oceana Canada works to bring attention to the most pressing issues facing our oceans, working with civil society, academics, fishers, Indigenous Peoples and the government to return Canada’s formerly vibrant oceans to health and abundance.

North Atlantic right whale
A pair of North Atlantic right whales swimming near the ocean’s surface | Photo credit: Nick Hawkins

In 2018, Oceana Canada enlisted our support to plan and execute ongoing national media relations efforts to build their public profile, help spread the word about the importance of protecting our oceans, and to help amplify their lobbying and conservation work across Canada.  

As we enter our sixth year working together, we have executed several national campaigns targeting English- and French-language media, as well as proactive and reactive media relations on issues and activities central to Oceana Canada’s mandate. Our work has helped establish deep relationships with media across Canada, all while amplifying their rallying cry to protect and restore our oceans.

North Atlantic right whales
A pair of North Atlantic right whales swimming near the ocean’s surface. There are only around 360 right whales left | Photo credit: Nick Hawkins

Our work since 2018:  

  • Championing the passing of a modernized Fisheries Act which legally requires rebuilding plans for all depleted fish populations
  • Promoting Oceana Canada’s lead role in efforts leading to the passing of Bill S-238, which now bans the importation and exportation of shark fins
  • Calling on tougher actions to address the dwindling North Atlantic right whale population and implement actions to protect it from extinction
  • Promoting various scientific expeditions seeking to better understand the hidden secrets of underwater sea life 
  • Helping place Oceana at the forefront of national conversations about the future of northern cod
  • Mounting several campaigns calling attention to gaps in regulations that govern the legitimacy of labelling, origin and traceability of Canada’s seafood supply 
  • Calling on Canadians to come together to help stop the flow of plastics that are filling our oceans and harming marine life
  • Urging the federal government to fulfill its commitment to ban unnecessary single-use plastics and putting pressure on online retailers like Amazon to cut plastic packaging
Fishing boat
Fishing vessel in Canada’s East coast | Photo credit: Jason van Bruggen

Since 2018, we have worked with Oceana to generate nearly 5,000 unique stories and more than 1 billion media impressions.

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