Virtual Reality: A Highly Scientific Pilot Poll

Is virtual technology the next big thing for marketers? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves since our friends from The Digital Generals dropped by the office with a bunch of goofy headsets and led us on a tour of VR technology. We battled aliens, took a trippy voyage through the human body and shot hoops with Kobe Bryant. Then we conducted a Highly Scientific Pilot Poll to assess the future of the technology. The results suggest the future isn’t here yet, but we’re intrigued by the possibilities.

  1. Is VR the next big thing?
  • Yes: 20%
  • No: 40%
  • Too soon to say: 40% (“The cost of devices needs to significantly come down. VR’s social potential is exciting though: Shared walking tour of Mars anyone?”)
  1. Where do you see the most potential for VR applications?
  • Video games: 50% (“I see the videogame industry doing some promotional heavy-lifting and

    Armand is somewhere else.

    Armand is somewhere else.

    acting as a sort of brand ambassador for VR technology.”)

  • Education: 30%
  • Non-profits: 20%
  1. Evangelists have called VR “the ultimate empathy machine.” Your opinion?
  • Agree: 50% (“I’m picturing a MADD advertisement that really immerses you in being a drunk driver and forces you to experience a simulated crash very viscerally.”)
  • Disagree: 50% (“Empathy is much more than taking the visual POV of another.”)
  1. Which statement best reflects your first VR experience?
  • Wow!: 60%
  • Meh: 30%
  • I think I’m going to be sick: 10%