Putting a bow — and a card — on 2017

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Writing ink.

Every year, we exhaust a considerable bit of energy putting together our holiday card. The logic is simple — getting to make an actual physical thing to send to friends, clients, and colleagues is a luxury, and should be appreciated as such. As an agency, we believe deeply in sustainability, which means we don’t want to make a card that goes from mailbox to bin in a matter of seconds.

This year’s holiday card took tactility to a new level. Inspired by local pigment professional Toronto Ink Company, we realized that ink could be made from every day things around us: from the greenery that envelops our office to the Cheetos we consume within it (our favourite is cheddar jalapeño). And so we spent a cozy afternoon making handmade art for a few hundred of our favourite people. (While listening to slightly noxious Christmas music.)


We’ve had a great year at Pilot PMR. We launched huge campaigns for clients we care about deeply, and worked towards improved sustainability at the office. We made dozens of decks, wrote handfuls of releases, honed complex strategic objectives, designed websites, built digital products, ate a lot of cookies, and sparred about the office playlist.

As an agency, we grew more adept at process, and built internal capacity in myriad ways. We attended conferences about service design only to realize we already do deep and thoughtful service design.

So what’s next? We will grow our strategic design capacities even further this year, with a new offering that brings to bear the richness of behavioural science, and makes clear our increased agency breadth when it comes to analytics and measurement of all of we do.

This year, we also plan to get handsy. We make digital products for clients and ourselves (like Stack, our media reporting tool), but we want to bring more macramé into our lives. Kidding. We won’t be opening an Etsy shop anytime soon, but we will create some neat new things that we hope will improve minds and lives this year.

What are your organizational goals this year? Let us know if we can help!


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