Photo Album: Print Aesthetic Finds New Life Online

As a graphic designer it should come as no surprise that I enjoy collecting graphic design, especially the promotional postcards that people leave at local cafés, shops and galleries. Over the years, I’ve gathered enough print material to fill a shoe box or two. Today, I thought it would be interesting to finally uncover a few examples.

With the creative impulse now lodged in web design, and with social media in full swing, it will be interesting to see how this tried-and-true mode of visual communication – ink on paper – sticks to the new media landscape.

These samples weren’t selected on the basis of graphic design excellence or any other particular criteria. They just caught my eye, so I picked them up.

I used Issuu, an online publishing site, to create the photo album you see today. (For more about online publishing, see our post on Glossi.) The service takes flat layouts and gives them the verisimilitude of a real magazine with a page turning feature across a faux spine. In other words, Issuu is ushering those very important aspects of print, the tactile values of the real thing, into the digital realm.

We hope you enjoy the album!