Have Yourselves a Rob Ford Free Holiday

A few weeks ago we were having trouble getting our work done, mainly due to our utter fascination with Rob Ford and his endless vortex of gaffes, GIFs and Internet-monopolizing misadventures. So we built a browser extension for Google Chrome that blocked out all mentions of our news making mayor across the web. It offered some brief respite and a return to productivity, at least around the Pilot office.

Well, now the work’s almost done for the year and the truth is, we’ve enjoyed not having Rob Ford around. We’re getting ready to take a few days off—nothing but food, family and catching up on sleep (and Netflix)—and we just don’t want that Rob Ford-less peace to end. In that spirit, we’ve updated the Rob Ford blocker to replace any mention of him with unbridled holiday cheer—red-nosed reindeer instead of red-faced politicians, candy canes instead of crack pipes you get the idea. Because let’s be honest: we all deserve a few uncomplicated, uninterrupted days to ourselves this time of year.

You’ll find the Ford Free Browsing app in the Chrome web store. Download it now for free to enjoy some holiday serenity.