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For the woman you are and the mom you’re becoming

As a founder, Marnie Madras has one goal in mind: provide women with a different pregnancy experience, and ensure the wellbeing of moms is not overshadowed by the excitement and anticipation of the baby’s arrival. With this clear mission in hand, we were tasked with developing an original consumer brand (including a great name and unique positioning) to make women feel seen, and not crowded out, in the face of transformative change. The initial offering would be a subscription box designed inside and out through a collaborative branding exercise. 

Listen to an interview with Marnie Madras, CEO of Rumbly

I came to Pilot with an idea, and they helped me build everything. They were, in essence, my co-founders.

Marnie Madras

We began by listening deeply to human experience, exploring the art and science of pregnancy, and understanding the market gap identified by our founder client. Our discovery sprint combined one-on-one interviews, market analysis, reviews of medical papers and academic research, and lots and lots of social listening. We came to understand that while women share a motherhood experience, it is not the same experience. Pregnancy is a time characterized by fear, pressure, joy, excitement, stress, discomfort, and love. 

We landed on the name “Rumbly” for its range of qualities – warm, a bit scary, shifting ground, baby kicks, and, of course, Winnie the Pooh. We wanted the brand to reflect the dichotomy that pregnancy  can be both joyful and scary at the same time. 

The Rumbly brand aspires to be that friend – the one who tells you the truth, listens to you even when you are being exhausting, calls you on your crap, sends you links to articles that validate how you are feeling, and celebrates the woman you are and the mom you are becoming.  

No one even mentioned it. In nine whole months not one person said – “You’re about to meet someone entirely new and it’s not your baby, it’s going to be you”.

Brand Identity

With a clear positioning and narrative in place, we explored visual design directions that would embrace “mom” as a complete person – not the cute and baby-ish branding common in the market. We wanted an identity that felt like “that friend” – a trusted equal – empathetic and understanding of what it really means to transition into motherhood. 

We started with the development of a custom wordmark that is strong and feminine without being fussy or frilly. The colour palette was chosen to balance soft lavenders and warm neutrals with a bright purple for an injection of energy.

We opted for illustrations as the visual anchor across the brand. This provided maximum flexibility and avenues for great storytelling. The illustrations became own-able assets for Rumbly – unique to the space and are instantly recognizable. A curvy, soft line expresses femininity in a relatable way, while special attention is paid to individuality, inclusive of all body types. We happily said  goodbye to clichés and stereotypes.

Market Validation

In the end, our team successfully delivered an original strategy, brand positioning, name, visual identity, brand story, messaging, and package design. Rumbly launched to overwhelmingly positive feedback from consumers and partners – strong validation of the brand and strategy work we did together. The company continues to grow and is benefiting from strong media interest. 

What sets Pilot apart is their unique ability to think differently and approach projects strategically. They delved deep into research to gain a comprehensive understanding of our industry and target audience, allowing us to establish a distinct market position. Their creative expertise was exceptional, resulting in a brand identity that truly captured the essence of my business.

– Marnie Madras, Rumbly

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