Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association

Defanging fake facts with evidence, experience, and great video

We called our campaign Know More as a cheeky provocation. The Ford government blustered on about consultations, but had no desire to know anything resembling a fact. They didn’t want to listen to parents, students, teachers, and experts. They just wanted to make cuts, no matter how ill-informed. We wanted them to do better. We wanted them to know more.

Our campaign creative drew upon a deep understanding of the Catholic Teachers. They are a union that takes great care in supporting evidence-based policy. They do the work, always seeking to know as much as possible about the issues. And their teachers, parents, and students possess strong, empirical knowledge. This campaign was about sharing their lived experience, something the government was willfully ignoring.

We designed an integrated testimonial campaign that gave voice to teachers, parents, and students from across the province, to truthfully and powerfully share the facts on the ground. We saw an unprecedented response to Know More across all social channels. We grew the Catholic Teachers’ database by 80,000 supporters, who have agreed to be allies in the fight against the deep cuts being made to public education in Ontario.

We saw some of our highest performing video within this campaign, creating powerful mini-docs that people stayed with.

Using a combination of highly targeted placements on Facebook and compelling creative, people watched an average of 85% of our 30 second ads, at a cost of $0.003 and over 2.3 million views were delivered.

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