How do you overhaul enterprise digital infrastructure while improving customer experience right now?

Liberty Utilities provides gas, electricity and water across the United States. Pilot, in collaboration with TWG, produced a digital strategy that planned for future growth and redesigned their digital infrastructure, whilst delivering immediate improvements to customer experience online.

Liberty Utilities growth is a result of the incremental acquisition of smaller utility companies, which had created a complicated digital infrastructure that was difficult to maintain or scale and was causing some customer headaches.

Gathering information

It was important to get a clear understanding of both the client’s needs for a scalable digital infrastructure and an honest view of pain points current customers were currently experiencing.

We conducted market, technical, and usability research to inform our recommendations. Activities included customer surveys, stakeholder consultations, usability testing, journey mapping, heuristic analysis, content audits, persona development, and analytics reviews.


Designing a roadmap

Using our research, we developed a tiered roadmap for enriching customer experience and facilitating long-term growth. It combined large scale projects like content strategy, a centralised technology framework and new billing account systems with a series of user experience “quick wins” that delivered immediate improvements to customers while the larger scale work was being developed.


Tactical UX improvements

The “quick wins” project addressed the immediate problems customers faced in a way that would improve their experience as quickly and simply as possible. These improvements focused on making sure that users were automatically served the correct regional website, and simplifying the billing experience.


We collaborated with TWG on user flows and wireframes and then managed the visual design and development of the new solution executed by TWG. It was then deployed to Liberty Utilities customers across the US while the longer term projects were still in the planning stages.



The combination of long and short term planning enabled us to deliver essential changes to customers quickly while maintaining a long-term vision for new digital infrastructure.


Our work

User experience research
Journey mapping
Persona development
Analytics audit
Product strategy & roadmap
Information architecture
Wireframe design
Project Management

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