How smart brands use social media

There’s no shaking off the numbers: Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, sold more than 1.2 million copies in its first week. As the music industry continues to struggle, Swift’s massive and on-going success is credited, in part, to her savvy use of social media to cultivate her fan base and become an incredibly smart brand. Swift understands the vital differences between unique social media platforms, and uses each one appropriately to maximize her visibility and her impact.

Join us on March 4 2015 to hear how some of Canada’s most socially successful brands do the same.

The world of social media is expanding to include more platforms and networks – but not all are created equal. The best brands know how to tailor their social strategies to achieve their goals, choosing the right social media, for the right audience, with the right content, at the right time.

Our next instalment of our Co-Pilot Storytelling Series, presented by Pilot’s Director of Digital Strategy, Lucy Leiderman, will include:

John McCauley
Senior Director of Marketing at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment


John will go over the thinking that lead to extremely successful campaigns on Twitter for Toronto’s famous sports franchises. John has over 15 Years of sports media, content, digital and marketing experience in 5 different leagues including the NHL, NBA, MLS, AHL and MLB. John currently oversees multiple brands at MLSE.

Lindsay Hyslop
Associate Manager of Digital Marketing at Universal Music Canada


Lindsay will show how Facebook had been chosen as an excellent tool for artists to connect to audiences and promote their work. Lindsay is a music industry professional with a passion for country music, which led to the development of Country Voice. The Facebook community of 80K+ members has grown to a successful brand online.

This event will provide guests with insight on the thought process and planning of some of Canada’s most social brands.

The Co-Pilot Storytelling Series is designed to bring together some of Toronto’s most forward-thinking communicators to discuss topics and trends in effective PR, journalism, brand marketing and digital strategy. Read about our previous events here.

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