Pilot Enters 20th Year as Leader in Brand Transformation

TORONTO, CANADA – NOVEMBER 24 – Pilot PMR, an industry-leading consultancy specializing in reimagining and revitalizing brands, today released its own rebrand as it enters its 20th year focused on innovation and client service. The Pilot rebrand includes a new logo, visual identity, and website that offers thought leadership articles, case studies, client interviews, and testimonials.

“Our new brand strategy and identity is more than a symbol of our evolution over the past 20 years,” said David Doze, Founder and CEO. “It is our team walking the talk. Now is the time for leading companies to invest in their brands. Tough markets are when great organizations achieve next level success by reinforcing value, crystalizing competitive advantage, and demonstrating confidence in their offering. We know we have a direct impact on our clients’ success and we want others to see and feel that reality in everything we do.” 

The brand transformation was done in-house, with the identity design led by Pilot’s Senior Designer Nataliia Nagovitsyna.

“Our new identity represents all the things we believe in; the combinations of humanity and precision, imagination and rigour that power our work. It reflects our mission to create things that deliver real value: ideas worth your time. We stand for brands that see things differently and want to make a real impact in the world.”

Underpinning this work is Pilot’s long held belief that every organization should be brand-led and market-informed. “Brand-led” means having a viewpoint, while “market-informed” means this viewpoint should be shaped by market understanding.

Since its founding in 2004, Pilot has partnered with more than 200 clients on strategic brand positioning, compelling narratives, visual identity design, and customer engagement strategies. Pilot has worked with leaders in innovation such as the Creative Destruction Lab, Vector Institute, MaRS, Mitacs, and Dialogue, as well as impact organizations like the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation, Oceana Canada, and Western University.

What Pilot clients have to say

“The Pilot team expertly helped us navigate through an extensive rebranding exercise. They acted as true partners in every step of the process, and we were delighted with the quality of the thinking involved. In the end, a brand must deliver on its promise, and we feel that Pilot made that happen in a big way.” 

– Cherif Habib, CEO, Dialogue

“I came to Pilot with an idea, and they helped me build everything. They were, in essence, my co-founders.”

– Marnie Madras, Founder and CEO, Rumbly

“Grounded in a culture of transparency, integrity, and collaboration, Pilot quickly became a trusted ally – building our understanding and enabling positive pivots to better align with our objectives. Simply put, we could not have asked for a better partner to complete our branding with.”

– Annie Tobias, CEO, Proximity

“I don’t think we could have picked a better partner to help chart our brand strategy, redesign and new website (shipped today!). The thoughtful approach to each project was incredibly appreciated and we’re very proud of the output. Thank you for your partnership!

– Elizabeth Gladney, Head of Product Marketing, Practice Better

For more information on Pilot, visit the new website at pilotpmr.com.

About Pilot

Pilot is a leading brand transformation consultancy that specializes in guiding brands through the process of change to achieve market growth, enhanced visibility, and increased customer engagement. With a comprehensive suite of services that encompasses brand strategy, digital transformation, and story-driven experiences and campaigns, Pilot leverages its decades-long expertise to propel businesses towards their full potential.

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