Branding Inside Out: Pilot PMR Unveils Brand Transformation Playbook

TORONTO, December 18, 2023  – Pilot PMR, one of Canada’s leading agencies specializing in brand strategy, today announced the release of Branding Inside Out, a step-by-step playbook designed to empower organizations to successfully embrace their brand transformation journeys, from planning and execution, to adoption and long-term change management.

Branding Inside Out is based on nearly 20 years of brand strategy and design work for some of Canada’s leading brands. It offers a detailed roadmap for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of revitalizing the story and values true to them and the people they serve, and is designed to support brands as they shift and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of consumers. 

The Brand Transformation Playbook offers an in-depth guide to help organizations:

  1. Define brand vision: Strategies to support the long-term process of executing an organization’s new brand vision, ensuring stakeholder buy-in, managing risk, and adapting to ongoing feedback. 
  1. Execute a seamless rebrand: Essential steps and best practices to execute a successful rebrand, including dos and donts of making the new brand narrative and promise resonate with internal and external audiences.
  1. Manage the transition: Navigating the challenges of transitioning to a new brand seamlessly, maintaining consistency across all touchpoints while ensuring a smooth changeover for both internal and external stakeholders.
  1. Sustain brand success: Discovering strategies for ongoing brand management, measurement, and adaptation to ensure brands remain relevant and competitive.

“We believe that a well-executed brand transformation is as much about internal buy-in and adaptability as it is about communicating to external audiences,” said David Doze, Pilot’s Founder and CEO. “Branding Inside Out is based on our belief that brand transformation can redefine the possibilities for any business.”

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