[News Release] Colleague is Sad to Say Goodbye, Wishes Others Well

TORONTO – JUNE 21, 2013: Rachael Collier announced today that she will dearly miss her colleagues at Pilot PMR. She worked with the company for nearly two years and wants to thank everyone she worked with along the way.

“I am fortunate to have worked with such an amazing group of smart, talented individuals,” said Rachael Collier. “I hope we will keep in touch and have my fingers crossed that I can crash team lunch from time-to-time.”

Reaction from colleagues was mixed:

  • “I wish her well but ultimately I just hope her hard cost trackers are up to date,” said Natalie Bomberry, Director of Client Experience. “But I promise to share adorable pictures of River and my growing baby bump in the future.”
  • “Rachael’s future endeavours will not be defined by what she does, but rather what others chose to interpret and share about what she does,” said David Doze, President of Pilot PMR. “I will miss her most as the only staff member able to properly pronounce LexisNexis.”
  • “What’s the rationale?” exclaimed Alex Mangiola, VP and alleged South American spy living among us. “Who will sympathize with my weekly soccer injuries now?”
  • “I fear I will soon run out of guinea pigs to try out my experimental potions on,” said Stuart Inglis, local shaman and Art Director at large.
  • “I don’t see how I can optimize this for the user experience,” said James Beardmore. “Most importantly, does this mean I need to lead the morning coffee making duties from now on?”
  • “Rachael? Yes. She ate many, many salads,“ said Simon Spring, design wizard.
  • “I am still working remotely. Don’t forget about me,” said Renee Mitson, social media strategist.
  • “Is that the girl who smokes electronic cigarettes at her desk? I knew she was suspicious from day one,” said Anne-Marie Denault, recent addition to the Pilot PMR team.
  • “I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to work with her longer. Oh well, more wine at Friday compass meetings for me!,” said Katy James, colleague, former classmate and wine aficionado.
  • “This scone is delicious,” said Robert Furtado.

Despite these reactions and the distinct feeling others may be eyeing her corner desk, Rachael continues to support Pilot PMR and knows the future is bright for this unique and creative agency.