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Every year we hold an outdoorsy team-building Summer day as part of a cleverly named ritual we call Pilot Summer Day. We’ve explored Evergreen Brickworks and built a zero-waste cargo bike at the Toronto Tool Library. This year we decided to spend our team-building day on the Toronto Islands. A stand up paddleboarding tour through its waters gave us the opportunity to appreciate the wildlife, and make fun of each other’s athleisure wear. We learned a bunch, interviewing local residents and business owners about this wonderful swath of nature that lives right at our footsteps. And since we’re writers and designers, we made a book about it. An adorable, 36-page nature pocket guide, to be precise. If you’d like to pocket one for yourself, just send us a note. They’re free, but you have to pinkie-swear that you’ll hightail it to the islands to spot all the wildlife. Or at least a mink. Those guys are cute.

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IMG_2146Many thanks to Moveable for graciously printing these beauties!

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