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Anna Wintour better watch her front row seat. Glossi, a new online publishing platform, allows anyone with a laptop, some free time and a little motivation to create an online magazine. Glossi is different than social platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, Flipbook and Polyvore, which also cater to online curators, because it allows users to create an entire digital magazine, complete with photo, video and editing features that compete with those of a real glossy.

“The magazine format is an emotionally involving format… it really evokes interest, passion and conversation in a way that the blog doesn’t,” said Glossi C.E.O. Matt Edelman in a recent interview with The New York Times.

However, the ability of users to create an online magazine, with themes, collages and editing features – all without  a design team – further blurs the lines between creation, creative attribution and the democracy of journalism.

On this, The Toronto Standard recently weighed in: “The brewing online battle will be between those who create content (writers, artists, musicians) and those who share it.”

Should Glossi further add to the looming concern that print magazines will soon be passé, or will it turn out to be another avenue for online sharing junkies to create something personal without help from the pros?

Only time – and magazine editors – will tell.

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