A panel discussion on crisis management featuring Robyn Doolittle, John O’Leary and Michael Edwards

by Pilot PMR

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From his landslide victory four years ago to his last minute withdrawal from Toronto’s mayoral race, Rob Ford’s political reign has been marked by unprecedented scandal and surprise. Throughout it all, Ford and his brother have engaged in a unique approach to crisis management that ignores the standard advice of “admit, apologize and make amends.”

As Doug Ford officially replaces his ailing brother in the race for office, join us for the next event in our Co-Pilot Storytelling Series, a panel discussion that looks at the issue of full disclosure in crisis management — in politics and the private sector. The event will also mark the softcover release of Robyn Doolittle’s bestselling book, Crazy Town. Hosted by Pilot PMR’s Vice President Siri Agrell, our panel will include:

John O’Leary


The Manager of Public Affairs and Communications for Coca-Cola Canada, John is an expert in issues management, crisis communications and public affairs. A former advisor to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, John also served former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty for five years in various roles, including the head of his issues management team.

Robyn Doolittle


The bestselling author of Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story, released in February 2014, Robyn is an investigative reporter with The Globe and Mail. She began her career at the Toronto Star, covering crime and municipal politics. In 2014, the Toronto Star was awarded the prestigious Michener Award for its investigation into Rob Ford’s substance abuse.

Michael Edwards


Michael is the cofounder of Adrenaline Digital, a Toronto agency. He has led digital campaigns for political leaders in Ontario, Alberta, and elsewhere and has extensive experience blending digital with public affairs and strategic communications. Adrenaline is developing a real-time monitoring dashboard – ART – that uses velocity data to report changes in the communications landscape, helping clients get ahead of bad news. Unfortunately, our original panelist, Christopher Eby of Sussex Strategy, is unable to participate due to a scheduling conflict.

When: Wednesday Sept. 24, 2014 Time: 6 – 8 pm Where: Pilot PMR, 250 The Esplanade, Courtyard Suite 107 Please RSVP through Eventbrite or with [email protected]

The Co-Pilot Storytelling Series is designed to bring together some of Toronto’s most forward-thinking communicators to discuss topics and trends in effective PR, journalism, brand marketing and digital strategy.   Read about our previous events here.   Rob Ford photo courtesy of Rick Rhodes

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