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The next event in our Co-Pilot series takes place tonight and we couldn’t be more excited. Taking a cue from personal branding queen Kim Kardashian, our panel of experts will take a deep dive into the integral role personal branding plays in every aspect of our lives and how we can craft a personal brand that appeals to others while still staying authentic to ourselves.

Our team of awesome panelists will include:
Sofi Papamarko, Founder, Friend of a Friend Matchmaking Inc.
• Katryna Klepacki, Marketing Representative, Bumble
• Julie Bogdanowicz, Architect, Met her husband through Tinder
• Jay Rautins, Client Solutions Manager (Marketing Solutions), LinkedIn

In advance of tonight’s event, we asked our panelists about how they see personal branding and the biggest mistake people make in crafting their personal brand.

What does personal branding mean to you?

Sofi: It’s about portraying yourself and/or your business in the best and most memorable light.

Katryna: It’s the way you present yourself and highlight the things about you that make you special and unique. The most successful brands in business are those that clearly outline their key differences and emphasize the things they offer that their competitors do not. Your personal brand should be the same.

Julie: I’m kind of an ordinary person who likes to think that they don’t spend a lot of time crafting their personal brand. But it takes a lot of effort to appear effortless and “authentic”, so I’d be lying if I said that there is zero effort behind my online presence.

Jay: Your personal brand is your way to move onward (and hopefully, upward) in this world we live in. Your brand is your reputation, and as I’m sure everyone knows, a reputation can be very hard to repair. In an ever-changing world that is driven by online interaction, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you are representing yourself well, and accurately.

What’s the biggest mistake someone can make when personally branding themselves?

Sofi: Inauthenticity.

Katryna: Overthinking! The more you obsess, worry or try to change who you are, the more inauthentic you and your brand become!

Julie: Painting yourself into a corner – to the point where you’re stuck and unable to change or evolve in the future.

Jay: I think under-representation is single-handedly the biggest mistake that people can make (especially if they work in the digital space). The first thing you do when you hear about someone, or plan to meet them, to do business with them (or even to date them) is to look them up online. Without an online brand, it leaves room for individuals to fill the gaps on their own.

If you enjoyed this post and are interested in hearing more, it’s not too late to attend tonight’s Co-Pilot event. Join us for food, drinks, and of course more personal branding insights from our fantastic panel. Get all the details here.

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