Brand Ubiquity: Keeping it Real

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Today’s most successful brands are offering experiences, leaving lasting impressions and eliciting positive emotions and feelings at every possible consumer interaction.

Positive emotions come in multiple forms – fun, thrilling, happy, strong, righteous, intelligent – the list goes on and on. And the leading brands achieving this are the ones offering something of value and relevance. One sophisticated example is Nike+. If your life routine involves being sporty in almost any way, Nike+ is there with an app, maps, stats and more so that you can wear it, read it, share it or contribute to it.

The most successful brands are also great story tellers. Two recent examples of beautiful, artfully told storytelling come from luxury brands. Louis Vuitton’s recent tribute to The Greatest – Muhammad Ali shows us that greatness in its simplicity is to be admired, and Hermès Hearts and Crafts film tells us the story of the caring and talented people behind the brand. There is more craft in the Hermès film, taking it beyond the typical “behind-the-scenes” approach most brands are offering. The takeaway feeling is stronger, more emotionally invested, and genuine. Pilot’s entry into the realm of documentary films also comes from our relentless pursuit of authentic storytelling.

Winners and losers in the brand game are determined by the value and meaning of what they offer – what is the takeaway, what does it mean to me, and what will it leave me thinking or willing to share about the brand?

Check out these two recent posts by Luxury Daily – top 10 luxury digital marketers in the first half of 2012 and Ritz-Carlton bolsters amenities to active affluents via Tough Mudder package – both of which showcase a few notable brands doing some cool things, and going outside the norm, to engage in meaningful and timely ways with consumers.



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