INGU Solutions

Small brand, powerful results

The Challenge

INGU Solutions is a tech startup aiming to change the way the oil and gas industry inspects pipelines. We began working together in the fall of 2017 as part of our Minimum Viable Brand program, an incubator for startups who need focused brand support to help reach their goals. INGU needed to convince the industry to take a chance on their disruptive new solution.

Digging deep

INGU’s innovation, the Pipers™, are golf-ball-sized smart sensors capable of inspecting and monitoring pipelines as small as 2 inches in diameter under the most challenging conditions. Through extensive interviews with pipeline managers and oil and gas industry executives, we identified the key driver that would motive early adopters: self-service. Yes, Pipers™ go where other solutions cannot, but what John and his team have done is eliminate the need for high-priced consultants, heavy equipment, and most importantly, third parties disrupting service and playing around with expensive pipeline infrastructure assets.

Going with the flow

Our initial “self-serve” insight and positioning opened enough doors for INGU that they asked us to help them further their brand efforts. We developed INGU’s brand story across a new website. We helped them craft succinct messaging and weave clear calls to action into a range of marketing assets.

In parallel, they closed a range of pilot projects with industry leaders, as well as a round of financing that will see them reach more prospects and customers across the globe.






We  developed a short, animated explainer video  to use across platforms, detailing how Pipers™ work in a straightforward, engaging way.







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