Stuart Inglis

Art Director

Stuart is an award-winning art director and visual storyteller with 20 years’ experience in the communications industry.

He has art directed four magazines and run his own New York-based design agency. As the principal of his own agency, Stuart’s clients included Amtrak, WestLB, Student Advantage, and Travel CUTS.

Stuart draws on decades’ of publication design experience to develop brand and corporate identity programs for Pilot and its clients. He leads all of Pilot’s visual identity work, graphic design and creative, in traditional print, online and multimedia formats.

Stuart is a student of philosophy, yoga and photography. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Lake Weslemkoon Conservation Association, and has recently designed and edited a coffee table book on the history of the lake.

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Recent posts from Stuart:


Achieving a Design Point of View (1960-2000)

| By Stuart Inglis

Designers pondering the “next big thing in marketing” should consider the importance of point of view and its role in determining “the new.” The magazines I’ve always found most interesting are the ones with a …


On Twitter, Not All Characters Are Created Equal

| By Stuart Inglis

Shakespeare’s Hamlet said, “brevity is the soul of wit.” Twitter gives us no choice but to be brief. No matter what language you tweet in, you get 140 characters. But some languages can pack in more …


Photo Album: Print Aesthetic Finds New Life Online

| By Stuart Inglis

As a graphic designer it should come as no surprise that I enjoy collecting graphic design, especially the promotional postcards that people leave at local cafés, shops and galleries. Over the years, I’ve gathered enough …


Ken Burns: On Story

| By Stuart Inglis

Check out this great video featuring the documentary filmmaker Ken Burns on storytelling, the search for meaning, the power of stories to transcend and create change, and why the formula for a great story is …


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