Robert Furtado

Strategy Director

Robert is a strategist who has advised political candidates, politicians and leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors across Canada.

Before joining Pilot PMR, Robert served as a communications advisor in the Government of Ontario under former Premier Dalton McGuinty. He was also the director of communications for a successful provincial election campaign.

Robert has written and ghostwritten stories on a variety of topics for some of Canada’s leading publications, including Toronto Life and The Globe and Mail. He continues to ground his communications expertise in a passion for storytelling across a wide variety of media.

Robert is a part-time lecturer at the Humber School of Media Studies and Information Technology and a Mentor to seed-stage startups at the Founder Institute, the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Queen’s University and a Master’s from the University of Victoria.

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Recent posts from Robert:


LGBT Rights and Marketing Toronto to the World

| By Robert Furtado

When asked to summarize Mayor Rob Ford’s impact on our city’s global reputation, Andrew Weir, VP of Communications at Tourism Toronto, pretends to nervously check his watch. He’s being polite — which is another word …


Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan

| By Robert Furtado

Had Tim Hudak’s promise to create jobs not been so precise, his party wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in now. Like other parties, Ontario PCs could have simply pledged to help reverse losses to …


Measuring Marketing Success

| By Robert Furtado

As the old saying goes, “When you have a hammer, all your problems begin to look like nails.” The same could be said of data analytics and the way many companies measure marketing success.


A prime minister’s experiment in brand journalism

| By Robert Furtado

It came in a tweet. 24 Seven, a new online video series giving Canadians a weekly glimpse into the Prime Minister’s schedule, rolled out without fanfare to Stephen J. Harper’s 400,000 plus Twitter followers early …


Did Canada Kill The Press Release?

| By Robert Furtado

The Government of Canada has stripped the press release right down to its skivvies—not because it wants to curb access to information, but because it understands the value of a digital-friendly format that integrates with social …


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