Q. How many Pilots does it take to move a boardroom table?

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A. All of them.

We were sick of our 90s style high-gloss boardroom table. It was a little Gordon Gecko. It had coffee burns. It was tired. But it was also a perfectly serviceable piece of wood, over which we’d pitched ideas, entertained clients and eaten lunch, and it felt wrong to get rid of it. So last Friday we asked woodworker Huy Lam to sand off all that shine…and voila, new table!IMG_4846

It takes longer to rework what you have, but as we begin to fill the extra 1,500 square feet of Pilot office space we’ve just acquired, we’re taking pains to reuse and repurpose whenever we can.

Also, it’s always a good idea to follow a day of table lifting with a round of beer and cake.


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