Pilot has drawn from more than a decade of expertise to create a brand strategy process for early stage ventures and entrepreneurs who need to identify and align their values quickly and efficiently. We build a baseline brand around which the company can grow.

Move fast and brand things

Week 1

Discovery workshop

Week 2

Independent research and interviews

Week 3

Story and positioning workshop

Week 4

Brand story and strategy presentation

Concentrating a typical months-long branding process into four weeks, MVB is a series of focused sprints aimed at key insights. Our award-winning, multidisciplinary strategy and design team will take you through intensive workshops. We help you identify what’s essential about your business, defining a unique position and strategy for your sector.

Unlock your next step

A proper brand, backed by sound strategy and elegant execution, lowers the cost of growth — whether that’s acquiring people or capital. By enhancing your visibility, you create opportunity. That’s why even startups need smart branding

MVB projects

“For a startup we couldn’t be in a better position. It helped us significantly and is well received by our clients and investors”

John Van Pol Cofounder & CEO, Ingu

Tell us about your venture

We’ll review your project, and together we can lay out your goals and a plan for your Minimum Viable Brand.