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10 Things We Learned from our Clients in 2016

| By Pilot PMR

We’re always learning in our work here at Pilot – and often these lessons have nothing to do with design or communications. Instead, they come from our diverse range of clients who represent an equally …


A Canada Day roundup of brands we’re watching

| By Pilot PMR

At Pilot, we’re obsessed with brands that reach critical inflection points. We can’t help it: We specialize in helping clients successfully navigate strategic moments in their evolution to reach what we like to call their …


They’re Boxy But They’re Good: The rise of the quadrilateral

| By Sarah Lazarovic

For a while the circle was ascendant… Everywhere you looked, there was a seal, stamp or oval of authenticity. Faux-vintage badges of credibility clogged up our feeds, invoking wax seals, weathered medallions and anything else that suggested …

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