Our expertise is Story Design

We are in the business of Story Design – a disciplined, repeatable process to problem-solving and brand building. Story Design is the intersection of design thinking (outcome) and narrative (engagement).

We achieve desired business and organizational outcomes by designing story-centred, client solutions that operate at the very core of the brand, product, or idea. The approach delivers broad organizational alignment around a solution that can be sustained over time.

Our approach enables us to deliver:

Some examples of clients
who have benefitted from our approach:

Shaping consumer behaviour

See how we helped Clover Leaf Seafoods change Canadian consumers’ view of the not so humble can of tuna.

Reaching a new audience

See how we are building a 20-something audience for financial literacy with FirstOntario Credit Union.

Enhancing brand influence

See how our partnership with TEDxToronto has supported its rise to top 10 status worldwide.

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